a healing practice

Grounding or Earthing means directly connecting the body to the Earth, removing electrical charge imbalances by transferring electrons between the body and the Earth's surface. In our modern world, where technology surrounds us and we are constantly insulated from the Earth's energy, the importance of grounding is increasingly apparent.

don't isolate


Our modern lifestyle, characterized by living indoors, driving cars, wearing non-grounding shoes and synthetic clothing, insulates us from the ground. Constant use of technology exposes us to electromagnetic fields from cables, wireless transmissions, and other devices. In some circumstances, these may create a positive electrical build-up in the body which can be harmful by disrupting the nervous system, promoting inflammation, and raising cortisol levels. Constant exposure to electromagnetic fields and normal metabolic processes may lead to the production of positively charged free radicals in the body, which in turn may cause oxidative stress.

what is grounding?

We believe that putting your feet in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth is essential in the quest for better health. Groundz shoes bring you closer to earth by using natural conductive materials like Copper and our Direct GroundSyncTM conductive Technology - feel the ground energizing you.


and antioxidants

Oxidative stress may cause Inflammation which has been recognized as the leading trigger of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Earthing counters inflammation by transferring negatively charged electrons from the Earth's surface into the body, where they can potentially neutralize harmful free radicals and resolve electrical tension. This natural antioxidant may help to alleviate both acute and chronic inflammation, promoting overall health and well-being.


and harmony

The Earth acts as a massive electric battery, replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and cosmic rays, maintaining energy flow, balance, and harmony in all living organisms. Our body, primarily composed of water and minerals, is an excellent conductor of electricity (electrons) and relies on the natural flow of energy from the Earth to function optimally. Human beings evolved in connection with this energy, walking barefoot and sleeping in contact with the Earth’s surface, but our modern lifestyle has disrupted this natural process. As for all “electric machines,” our body needs to be grounded or “electrically balanced” for proper functioning, health, and well-being. 

it makes sense to ground

There is a good reason why it feels so good walking barefoot on grass at the park or on sand at the beach. By directly touching the ground, we absorb earth’s electrons and tune in to earth’s natural frequencies. We created our shoes to allow uninterrupted electron flow from your feet to the ground when going barefoot isn't possible. We use premium eco-friendly natural materials throughout, to make them healthy, comfortable, simple and grounding!

don't just do it

wear groundz

Today, reconnecting with Earth's energy is easier than ever, thanks to advancements in technology. Grounding products, such as our Groundz shoes, allow individuals to access the benefits of earthing without the need to be barefoot. By incorporating grounding into our daily routines, we can reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, alleviate pain, and enhance our overall health—with less need for pills or prescriptions.

tap into

ancient wisdom

In essence, grounding is a return to ancient wisdom - a way to tap into the abundant healing energy of the Earth and restore balance to our bodies and minds. By reconnecting with the Earth, we can harness its natural power to support our health and vitality in the modern world.


how to?

Grounding your body is a simple practice you've no doubt done before! Go barefoot or wear conductive footwear and stand or walk on a natural surface like grass, sand, dirt, stone, brick, or concrete. Like your body, these surfaces conduct the Earth's energy, letting it flow from the ground into your body. On the other hand, wood, asphalt (pavement), vinyl, and most synthetic surfaces are not conductive and will not ground.

You can also absorb Earth’s energy through your hands or any other body part making direct skin contact with a natural surface, for example by touching trees, leaves or even by petting your favorite furry friend. Whether it's through walking, standing, or simply lying down outdoors, incorporating grounding practices into your daily routine can help reduce stress, alleviate inflammation, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall vitality.

  • The groundz code

    Better health is not just about what you put inside your body, but also what you wear on the outside. Groundz unites style, functionality, and versatility, fusing modern shoe design and the benefits of grounding.

  • Natural Materials

    We prioritize natural materials over synthetic alternatives wherever possible, using renewable, recyclable, and bio-based materials like wool, cork, leather, and castor bean oil.

  • Sustainability

    We focus on minimizing environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and resource-efficient production methods. Our goal is to create footwear that’s long-lasting and serves its function while preserving our planet.