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grounding foot facing forward over white background
copper sheet with copper periodic table symbol
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We believe that putting your feet in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth is essential in the quest for better health. We bring you closer to earth by using natural conductive materials like Copper and eco-friendly leather instead of insulating synthetics - feel the ground energizing you.

Grounding or Earthing is putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. Grounding removes excess electrical charge on an object by transferring electrons between it and another object of substantial size, in our case – between our body and the earth.

Human beings, and all living organisms, are bio-electrical in nature. We produce positively charged free radicals during normal metabolism which place oxidative stress on the body. As for all electric machines, our body needs to be grounded or “discharged” for proper functioning, health and well-being.

Our modern lifestyle insulates us from the ground and surrounds us with electricity from cables and wireless transmissions. We insulate ourselves the majority of the time by wearing insulating synthetic shoes, by living in insulated homes and by driving insulated cars.

This insulation creates a positive electrical build-up. This charge turns out to be quiet harmful to our bodies, disrupting the nervous system, creating inflammation throughout the body (positively charged free radicals have no way to be drained) and raises our cortisol levels.

Grounding is a therapeutic technique that involves finding ways for your body to plug back in to the Earth, abundant source of natural negatively charged electrons, and drain this excess positive charge. One way to plug back is by wearing grounding footwear. Studies show that this helps with reducing blood pressure, inflammation, regulate sleep, blood-sugar levels, and more.

Copper is an incredible metal that has been used by people across the world for millennia. Copper is a highly conductive, durable, and antimicrobial and is attributed with many health benefits.

We use copper in our sandals as a conductor of electron flow from the earth to your body through the soles of your feet.

Leather, like skin, is a conductive material. The moisture of the outdoors and perspiration from your feet increase conductivity making our leather soled sandals the ideal grounding shoes.

Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly leather and goatskin throughout the sandals. We use only chrome-free, water based and nontoxic vegetable dyes. Respectful to the environment and to the health of the wearer.

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