Barefoot shoes

We believe your shoe should fit your foot’s anatomy and not the other way around! We crafted our new Clay collection to embody the essence of barefoot walking, featuring a zero drop, thin flexible sole and wide toe box for free movement, natural grip, and optimal ground feel.

Better Healthier Fashion

Better health is not just about what you put on the inside but also what you wear on the outside. It starts with select natural materials that allow your body to synchronize with the earth’s natural electric charge. Reconnect with the earth and ground for optimal health and well-being.

earth and foot holding hands and waving

This Is How We Ground You!

Approved By Experts
"I’ve tried all of the grounding sandals and flip flops out there and these are the ones I reach for literally daily. These are hands down the most comfortable and most stylish... copper plug that is so comfortable I literally can not feel it... I had to check and double check that I was actually grounded in them — and yep, I am, every time!"
Headshot of Laura Koniver, M.D. Laura Koniver, M.D. - The Intuition Physician

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