Ancient Steps

Modern Insights

Throughout human history, a tradition has existed that is deeply rooted in our evolutionary journey: walking barefoot. This age-old practice creates an intimate connection with the natural world and improves our sensory perception, balance, and posture. Yet, walking barefoot may benefit us on an even deeper level. Recent studies suggest that walking barefoot may catalyze a phenomenon we now know as grounding or earthing, a process that involves an exchange of electrons from the body to the Earth.


walk human

Grounding allows the flow of electrons from the Earth to your body, a process understood to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation, potentially leading to improved sleep, pain reduction, and enhanced well-being. In today's world, wearing shoes is often necessary for protection or to adhere to social norms, so we've developed grounding shoes with soles made from materials that allow the Earth's energy to flow through them, all without compromising style. These shoes enable us to stay connected to the Earth's energy even when we can't walk barefoot, bringing a piece of nature with us wherever we go.

what is grounding?

Grounding is being in direct physical connection with the Earth’s electrical charge.
Our footwear allows you to stay connected to the Earth when going barefoot isn't an option.


your best

foot forward

The natural shape of your foot is widest at the toes for a reason: Your feet are the base that support the rest of your body - your knees, hips, back, and torso. Spreading your toes and gripping the ground beneath provides necessary sensory feedback from the ground to your brain, all of which allow you to develop a proper, healthy gait, balance and natural movement.

Naturally Shaped

minimalist shoes

Our aim is to create anatomically correctly-shaped shoes, and to use natural materials wherever possible. We’ve engineered designs for barefoot shoes that are functional, multi-purpose, grounding, comfortable, and stylish. Our shoes may look different and feel a little different, but we are pretty confident that after giving your body a bit of time to adjust, you will never wear “traditional” shoes again.

what are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot (Minimalist) shoes like Groundz are footwear designed to mimic the experience of being barefoot, allowing you to move naturally while providing protection for your feet. They typically feature thin soles, a wide toe box, and minimal cushioning.

  • The groundz code

    Better health is not just about what you put inside your body, but also what you wear on the outside. Groundz unites style, functionality, and versatility, fusing modern shoe design and the benefits of grounding.

  • Natural Materials

    We prioritize natural materials over synthetic alternatives wherever possible, using renewable, recyclable, and bio-based materials like wool, cork, leather, and castor bean oil.

  • Sustainability

    We focus on minimizing environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and resource-efficient production methods. Our goal is to create footwear that’s long-lasting and serves its function while preserving our planet.