A Ground-break-ing Way to Biohack Your Health

A Ground-break-ing Way to Biohack Your Health

For years, we have heard that maintaining a connection to the Earth is beneficial for our health. Many of us are familiar with “ground and center” when we are under stress and trying to relax. And what better way than to ground through your feet doing what you do naturally – walking!


The Concept of Earthing/Grounding

The earth and all living things have a measurable electrical charge. The concept of grounding is simple and involves finding a way to maintain an electrical connection between you and the Earth. Direct contact with the ground allows your electrical energy to flow freely to the earth, reducing stress and opening up energy channels throughout the body. Although the ideal way to ground is to walk barefoot allowing the soles of your feet to come in direct contact with the soil, for most of us creating direct contact with the ground is rare as we tread on shoes with soles made of thick, unyielding rubber and other non-conductive synthetics. Earthing shoes allow you to establish and maintain this primitive human connection with the earth yet still walk in comfort and style.


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Is Grounding a Biohacking method?

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee and perhaps the world’s most famous biohacker, defines biohacking as “the art and science of changing the environment around you, or inside you, so that you have full control of your own biology”. In short, biohacking can be defined as the attempt to manipulate your brain and body in order to enhance performance and wellbeing. Intermittent fasting, infrared light therapy, grounding and taking ice baths are all forms of biohacking. In fact, if you’ve ever taken supplements you can already consider yourself a biohacker! Grounding in particular involves maintaining an electrical connection between your body and the earth. Some methods include using grounding mats, patches, or blankets. While these do create the electrical connection used for grounding, this is achieved by plugging them into an electrical outlet which seems to defeat the purpose of establishing a natural connection with Mother Earth. Grounding shoes, however, are an ideal medium as they allow for maintained connection with the earth while being more practical and natural than mats and blankets that need to be plugged in. Groundz created a biohacking tool, in the form of comfortable and fashionable shoes. The natural copper in the soles of the shoes provides a constant flow of electrons  that minimizes electron deficiency while encouraging optimal health.


What Are the Benefits of Grounding 

Electronic devices are used routinely both at home and at work, and the various frequencies they emit can wreak havoc on the body. High levels of stress and poor diet also contribute to pushing the body out of balance while increasing the chances for disease. Grounding is one of the best ways to maintain balance within the body while increasing health and wellness.

There are multiple health benefits associated with grounding. The more often you connect to the earth and the longer you do so, the larger the impact. Wearing grounding shoes with copper inserts allows for extended periods of time during which this connection is made. Positive health benefits include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy
  • Mood enhancement
  • Decreased depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased recovery time (Both for athletes and patients)
  • Pain management


The Sole to Soul Connection

More than ever, people are now focused on regaining their health and making positive lifestyle changes. Yet, many overlook some of the simplest solutions to building a solid foundation from the ground up. Groundz shoes offer a unique sole to soul connection and provide benefits to your body and mind by connecting you with the Earth’s electric charge. Designed to be durable yet comfortable, their flexible soles contour to the shape of your foot over time while allowing you to still feel the ground. A small copper insert in the sole of the shoe creates an electrical connection between your body and the Earth, allowing energy to move freely between them reestablishing natural balance. As negative energy discharges, it is replaced by a flow of electrons  that boost mood, raise energy levels, and reduce stress. The more you wear the shoes, the better you’ll feel. Energy channels throughout the body will open up leading to improved sleep and circulation in addition to better pain management and more rapid recovery.


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Maintaining Your Footing

Your feet are your natural connection to the Earth. While energy can enter your body from any direction, the constant connection between your feet and the ground will always be the strongest. Earthing shoes allow you to maintain that connection in a way that traditional footwear cannot. By maintaining this connection, you can better support your health and wellness goals.

Grounding shoes have a specific function yet often time design and comfort are overlooked. Groundz addressed that issue and have gone beyond mere functionality and have designed shoes with comfort and style in mind. When you are trying to get your health back on track, your return to wellness should start with a strong foundation - grounding shoes that help you reestablish your natural balance. Groundz shoes can create that connection and start you on the path to the receiving the benefits of the positive energy flow between your and the ground you walk on. When you are ready to start feeling your best, try on a pair of Groundz and make every step a healing one.


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