The Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing) & What Are Earthing Shoes

The Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing) & What Are Earthing Shoes


The simple definition of Grounding or Earthing is - putting the body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth. It is considered a therapeutic technique that  plugs your body back into the earth’s abundant source of natural negatively charged electrons. This can protect your health and improve the function of all body systems.


ground●ing   noun

[   /'groundiNG/  ]

1. connect (a device) with the ground.
2. physical contact with a supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth.

"Grounding removes excess electrical charge on an object by transferring electrons between it and another object of substantial size."

"Grounding (Earthing) refers to contact with the Earth's surface electrons by either direct touch or via a conductive system, that transfers energy (a measurable charge) from the ground into the body."


Throughout time, humans lived in very close contact with the earth, walking barefoot, sleeping on dirt or touching the earth in some way on a daily basis. The earliest known shoes were a type of sandal [7] and appeared around 10,000 years ago. While commonly worn throughout antiquity, they were viewed as unnecessary at most times and many preferred to go barefoot. While traditionally crafted shoes primarily had leather soles, advances in rubber, plastics, and synthetics allowed manufacturers to create shoes that were entirely insulated from the earth.  

As we are slowly beginning to understand the negative impact of removing and insulating ourselves from nature, the timeless and rudimentary practice of grounding is attracting interest and quickly becoming a popular trend in wellness.  

All living beings are bioelectrical in nature, with cells that transmit minute electrical frequencies that control the organs, muscles, immune and nervous systems. In fact, our brain’s alpha waves share the same measurable frequency as that of the earth’s (aka “Schumann resonance”). Coincidence or not, this might be the reason why it feels so good and natural to walk barefoot on grass or on sand at the beach! We have evolved to be in direct contact with the earth’s electric energy- it's in our DNA to connect.


groundz grounding earthing sandals at the beach

 (ocean spray produces what is known as the "Lenard effect" creating beneficial negative ions [3] )


Our modern lifestyle insulates us from the ground and surrounds us with electric fields from cables and wireless transmissions. We insulate ourselves the majority of the time by wearing synthetic shoes, by living in insulated homes and by driving insulated cars. This insulation creates a positive electrical build-up. This charge that leaves us electron-depleted turns out to be quite harmful to our bodies, disrupting the nervous system, creating inflammation throughout the body (positively charged free radicals have no way to be drained), and raising our cortisol levels. Furthermore, metabolism, along with inflammation, infection, stress, and our toxic environment, all produce positively charged free radicals that place oxidative stress on the body. An excess of free radicals can damage our cell membranes and DNA, and lead to cancer and other diseases.

As for all electric machines, our body needs to be grounded or “discharged” for proper functioning, health, and well-being. It so happens that the earth’s surface is the largest reservoir of negatively charged electrons (here's the study) that can neutralize that harmful accumulated positive charge [1].

Studies show that when the body is directly connected and “plugged” into the Earth, it is essentially shielded from electro-magnetic pollution (electromagnetic fields emitted by power lines, cell towers, electrical appliances, everyday electronics and more) and its electrical balance is restored by draining this excess positive charge. By setting up a simple experiment using a Voltmeter, we can easily demonstrate this - check out this video.

 Although the research of grounding is in its infancy, studies (see sources at bottom of article) have so far shown or suggested that grounding/earthing can:

  • Eliminate excess electrical charge build-up and neutralize harmful EMFs
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Normalize cortisol levels and reduce stress levels
  • Regulate biological rhythms
  • Helps Jet lag recovery
  • Improve circulation
  • improve  sleep (REM)


    There are many ways to ground, with the most elementary one being walking barefoot on conductive surfaces such as dirt, grass and even concrete (wood, pavement, plastic, rubber, synthetic or insulated materials all prevent grounding!). Since walking barefoot is obviously not always possible, one way to plug back is by wearing grounding footwear.


    What Are Grounding or Earthing Shoes

    Earthing shoes or sandals are a type of shoe that provides a path of electrical conduction between the outsole of the shoe and the foot of the user. This allows a transfer of electrons or energy and connects the user to earth’s electromagnetic field and frequency in what is known as “earthing” or “grounding”. This transfer of electrons may aid in reducing inflammation, recovery time, and enhance physical performance.

    Contrary to Earthing shoes, contemporary/modern-day shoes are completely insulating. This is particularly true in athletic footwear, where the shoe sole is typically comprised of non-conductive rubber or other synthetic material.  This prevents any form of conductivity or electron transfer.

    Traditionally, Earthing shoes are made of leather, which is conductive and allows the transfer of electrons. Earthing shoes can also be made with carbon and rubber/vinyl blended soles which allow conductivity however these are not naturally occurring materials.

    When crafting our earthing sandals we use eco-friendly natural materials throughout to make them comfortable, simple, and grounding! Using a proprietary copper rivet, we create a conductive path that allows for uninterrupted electron flow from your feet to the ground.


    grounding shoes or sandals allow a free flow of electrons from the ground to the body


    Sure, the effects and benefits of grounding are controversial with some who may discredit them and some who live by them. Nevertheless, we believe that putting your feet in direct and uninterrupted contact with the earth is essential in the quest for better health. Our earthing shoes and sandals let you ground while protecting your feet, and they look great at the same time!



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